Sewing Setup

Sewing Setup

For those that are curious about what my sewing setup looks like, I made this quick post that shows my work layout and which sewing products I like to use/find most helpful in my sewing journey! 

The info and items listed below are what has helped me sew. These products might not work as well for your sewing style and I couldn't stress enough... You do NOT need every product below to start sewing! All you truly need is fabric, a needle and thread.. and a dream sewing project!! :)


The links in this post are affiliate links. This means I earn a small percentage from purchases you make using these links. Some of the links might not work in your location.


If you are NEW to sewing!

I’ve had many people reach out to me mentioning that they are brand new to sewing and that they would like some sewing advice from me! Firstly, I am so excited to hear that so many of you are having fun picking up this new hobby! Secondly, I am here with you as a sewing noob! BUT the best piece of advice I can give is to start small! You don’t need to go out and buy all the sewing gear, fancy fabrics and threads. Try hand sewing or if you have a friend or relative with a sewing machine, ask if you can borrow their sewing machine!

Once you have thread and needle in hand or have a sewing machine, I recommend upcycling some clothes or fabric items from home or the thrift store. Try tailoring an old shirt or using an old pillow case and hair elastic to make a scrunchie. If you are looking to create something but need fabric, check out your local thrift store to stock up on clothes or bedding for more affordable options! I love thrifting for fabric, because it breathes new life into pieces that have been donated!

Following sewing patterns - you can find patterns at thrift stores, fabric stores, craft stores, and tons of them online ready for downloading and printing. This will give you paper patterns to use to trace and cut fabric from, then you simply stitch it all together. I recommend looking up free sewing patterns on google and finding one that interests you - just try not to start on one too complicated! I always make sure my patterns are "beginner friendly"

If you are uninterested in patterns, I like tracing my clothes that fit really well and sewing them up from there. I have a few videos on my channel where I do that!

If you have a few projects under your belt and you are curious about products that can help you out further, check out the “Must Have Items” list below. This is a list of products that I personally use all the time and recommend!


Sewing Room Layout

My sewing room layout allows me to seamlessly ;) (pun intended) work on projects as all three of my important workstations are next to each other. These stations are: the sewing desk, the cutting desk, and the ironing table & mannequin.

Depending on your available space and what works best for you, you can easily put all these together or even add more space. Figure out what works for you and try it out! BUT Let's be honest I often end up cutting my fabric on the floor no matter how nice the sewing room is, the floor is always a great spot to work! :P

The "Must Haves"

These are products that I honestly couldn't sew without


Sewing Machine Brother CS7000I

I use the one listed here. However, many different sewing machines range in price, complexity, and expertise. Check out the different features to make sure it works for you. Also make sure to keep an eye open at thrift stores/facebook marketplace for used machines!


Pin Needles Heart Pins

Heart or not, any pins will do! Pins will hold your patterns in place before you sew them together they are also needed for alterations to hold the fabric in place for the perfect fit!


Measuring Tape Pink Edtape Measuring Tape

You're going to do lots of measuring!


Thread Gutermann Thread Set, Multi-Colour, 100 m

The type and quality can vary depending on what you are looking for with your project! Gutermann thread is my thread of choice, it's very strong and comes in every colour!


Fabric Anywhere You Can Get It

There are so many places to get fabric out there. A great cost-effective option is to upcycle at-home fabric or purchase clothes and sheets from thrift stores. If you are looking for specific fabric, check out your local fabric store or you can also buy fabric online!


Scissors 10 Inch Fabric Scissors

These scissors are SUPER sharp, so be careful!! They are great for cutting through fabric thick or thin like its NOTHING! but pls pls pls be CARFUL!


Pin Cushion VANELY 2PCS Wrist Pin Cushions

Not only are Pincushions super cute but they are very practical to hold all your pins easily. This pincushion will go around your wrist so you have easy access to pin your fabrics.


Pinking Shears JYTUUL 9.25 Inch Pinking Shears

This Sawtooth scissor will prevent your fabric from fraying on your edges. If you don't have a serger, this is a great option!


Seam Ripper Clover Seam Ripper

You know I unfortunately have to use this a lot.. if you're like me and you make mistakes, you may need this LOL


Sewing Clips MumCraft Multipurpose Sewing Clips

Similar to pins, clipping down your fabric makes cutting, sewing, or altering much easier. I use these a ton and highly recommend!


Chalk Ogrmar 10PCS Professional Tailors Chalk

Marking your fabrics to make cut lines or notches, this chalk will allow you to leave your marks while easily being able to wash or even rub out the markings!


Fabric Weights Dritz, 3-Pack, Assorted Colors Pattern Weights

Used for weighing down fabric so it doesn't move while cutting. Or you could go outside and find a heavy rock to do this job!


Chalk Pen Dritz Chalk Tailor's Pencil

The alternative to the triangle chalk. Same purpose but just if you prefer it in a pen.

Sewing Extra's

Although they may not be necessary, I still find these items very useful!


Air Purifier KADS Nail Art Dust Suction Collector

This may just be useful for me, but sewing kicks up tons of little fibres into the air and this little machine helps control that. These little fibres severely bother my sinuses so in addition to my nose plugs I also have this small air filter to minimize the fibres in the air. (you probably won't need this LOL)


Serger Brother 1034D or 1034DX

If you are ready to ditch the pinking shears, a serger will take your projects to the next level of quality. To get that professional finish on your edges a serger will cut and stitch your edges to make sure they are clean and will not fray. I'm still learning how to use my serger!


Rolling Cutter 45mm Rotary Cutter with 5pcs Extra Blades

Rotary cutters make cutting fabric a little quicker! You can get by with just scissors so I have included it down here.


Cutting Mat Anezus Self Healing Sewing Mat

A cutting mat goes in tandem with the rotary cutter as you will need something under it that won't get sliced up. The cutting mat is also useful in general to have on your work table to keep your tools from marking your table up but also to use it's measurement feature.


Quilting Ruler Arteza Quilting Ruler

Much like measuring tape, a quilting ruler is very useful to make measurements, especially when you need something that is firm.